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Sledding gear largely depends on the type sledding activity in which you’re participating. Snow sleds include baby sleds, high performance sleds, saucer sleds, wooden runner sleds, toboggans, and snow tubes. Baby sleds are miniature models that are carefully designed for a safe pull-along ride. The four basic types of sleds used today are runner sleds, saucers, toboggans and tubes. Runner sleds are typically faster used on surfaces where snow has compacted and turned icy. Sleds with a greater surface area, such as disks, tubes and toboggans, are able to make the first run down the hill easer than sleds with metal runners. The traditional toboggan is a sled without runners, that turns up at the end in a “J” formation. However, the toboggans of today come in many different forms, just as runner sleds. Sleds also come with brakes, which is great especially for rides down steep hills. Sledding saucers come in many different sizes, whether for children, one or two people. Many people prefer the bowl shape of a saucer sled to the traditional straight wooden sled because they can sit and cross their legs and hold on to the edges. Turning in a saucer sled is also much easier as you merely lean to one side. Saucers are one of the simplest models on the sledding market, one of the least expensive, and the most available.

Other types of sledding gear include helmets, snow goggles and the proper winter outerwear, such as winter coats and jackets, snow boots, snow pants, winter gloves, mittens and hats. Some people like using hand warmers in extreme cold weather. These can easily be slipped into gloves or pockets to quickly warm up frozen fingers and are great for a day of sledding or even for taking wintertime walks or building snowmen. For a day on the slopes, you may also consider taking along a hydration pack. These are sleek, lightweight and easy to carry. They can be worn under a ski jacket and are insulated to keep water from freezing.

Snowboarding gear includes snowboards, special snowboarding boots and bindings, helmets, goggles, ski gloves and ski clothing. Dog sledding also requires its own specialized gear such as sleds and mushing equipment, harnesses, racing equipment and clothing. If you are interested in dog sledding, we suggest using your favorite search engine to look for a site that specializes in dog sledding gear.


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