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Sledding locations can be anywhere you find a snowy, slippery surface, from backyard slopes and local parks, mountains trails and closed roads. Most towns and municipalities have specially designated areas for sledding, but be sure to check beforehand because not all hills are officially sanctioned for sledding. In many cases, however, sledding hills can be found just by driving around and looking for them. For the more advanced forms of sledding, such as luge, bobsledding, skeleton and snowboarding, the major ski resorts are the best locations to participate in these sports.

When looking for a sledding location, there are a few basic things to look for in determining if itís a good place for sledding.

You want an area that is as clear as possible. Itís impossible to always control the direction of the sled, especially when children are sledding, so avoid areas that have large trees, rocks, fences, etc.

Check the bottom of the hill before sledding. Stay clear of hills that end up in a parking lot or street. This could be dangerous for anyone on a sled, and becomes even more dangerous the faster the sled is going.

Steepness is another consideration for a good sledding location. It should be steep enough so that the sled can get going, but if itís too steep, the speed can increase to the point of not being able to control the sled. Again, this consideration also depends on whether children are sledding or adults.

Snow depth is another important consideration for a great day of sledding. You need good snow coverage, otherwise your sled may end up stopping abruptly on a dry area. This can lead to injury to the driver if they are going fast, or can lead to damage to the sled.

A quick check online using your favorite search engine will result in dozens of sledding and skiing locations in your particular area. Choosing the best spot depends on the type of sledding you're interested in pursuing.


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